Process Development

Applications and Process Development

Complete Confidential Lab Testing

Within our process development facility, mold and resin trials, prototype development, and process development are conducted by our experienced process technicians in a confidential setting.

Why Us?

We have over 30 years of experience with virtually all blow molding resins and work closely with various mold makers for required mold optimization.

What we offer!

  • Lab Confidentiality
  • Process Development
  • Mold Development and Testing
  • Resin Trials
  • Machine Run-Off
  • Container Measurements and Analysis
  • Head Tooling Design and Manufacture
  • Training
  • Material Testing
  • On-Site Customer Processing

Machines available for your testing requirements!


State-of-the-art “New” BEKUM shuttle machines.

Single or Double Station mono-layer shuttle machine.

Accomodates up to 5-liter container molds or technical parts.


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